(of an animal) having had part of its sexual organs removed, so that it cannot produce young animals:

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Nonetheless, in some cases the phonetic spellings of mispronunciations may have been altered by some familiarity with the correct spelling.
Participants were given two digitally altered photographs and asked to lớn find as many differences as they could.
The optical properties of the device can be altered by applying a field whose distorting influence on the liquid crystal opposes that of the surfaces.
The flow structure of the combined jet exhibits all characteristics of a single-jet flow except for an altered evolution of the turbulence toward self-preservation.
A more extensive investigation would have widened the scope, but is unlikely to have altered the results in any significant way.
However, the neural mechanisms of visual masking are unknown, so it is at present unclear if or how these altered responses relate lớn such masking.
We nhận xét the literature on altered positive affect in depression, suggesting directions for future research.
Important groups of molecules associated with essential functions, including energy và oxygenation, neuroplasticity, và cell signaling from synaptic to intracellular communication, exhibited altered transcription patterns.
The two designs could not be resolved, so three more schemes were proposed and altered several times.
In the reported experimental trials, the environment was altered khổng lồ cause this type of ambiguity, và a method of resolving it is demonstrated.
Specifically, early processing biases are likely khổng lồ be altered, probably resulting in the development of abnormal patterns of interregional specialization.
However, if certain extreme scenarios are considered, interpretation of the results may not be significantly altered.
Finally, an attractor state may change if the system is dramatically altered or enriched or if a significant perturbation is applied.
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