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While his definition may be simplistic by modern critical standards, there is kind of brutality lớn it that makes it compelling.
The clinician is compelled lớn hold the balance between the scales of laboratory data on the one hand and stochastic theory on the other.
Feminist analyses of them are compelled khổng lồ co-exist with their uncertainties, và to make link with other, non-psychological discourses, such as discourses of gender.
In 1543 an earth-centered cosmos was the physical orthodoxy of the day, supported by philosophical arguments that, at the time, were peculiarly compelling.
Thus, there is a compelling need lớn identify factors in early childhood that are associated with chronic versus self-limiting patterns of externalizing behavior.
However, suggesting that music education should occupy a middle ground, a "space-between, praxis guided by phronesis" is a compelling one for our times.
Intuitively, since a higher fine leads to lớn an increase in reported emissions, the firm is compelled to lớn pay more tax (on the reported emissions).
She pours herself into the music in a manner reminiscent of many seventeenth- và eighteenth-century virtuosos; it was compelling then & remains so now.
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