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imagine /i"mædʤin/ đụng từ tưởng tượng, hình dung tưởng rằng, suy nghĩ rằng, mang lại rằngI imagine him to be a tall stout man: tôi tưởng rằng ông ta la một người cao lớn mập mạp đoán đượcI can"t imagine what he is doing: tôi tất yêu đoán được anh ta đang làm cho gì
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Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): imagination, imagine, imaginable, unimaginable, imaginary, imaginative, unimaginably, imaginatively





Từ điển Collocation

imagine verb

1 khung a picture of sth in your mind

ADV. clearly, easily, readily I could clearly imagine the scene in the office. | hardly, scarcely I could hardly imagine living in such a remote và desolate spot. | just She could just imagine her mother"s look of horror. | actually I can"t actually imagine her falling for that trick. | always I always imagined him following in his father"s footsteps. | fondly, naively I had fondly imagined that riding a mule would be easy.

VERB + IMAGINE can/could (well) I can well imagine the atmosphere at trang chủ at this moment. | can/could not (possibly) There"s more at stake here than you can possibly imagine. | try khổng lồ | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to lớn It is difficult lớn imagine Blackpool without its famous Tower. | be easy to

PHRASES let us imagine Let us imagine what really might have happened.

2 see/hear/think sth that is not true/does not exist

ADV. really, seriously You don"t seriously imagine I"ll agree to that? | almost I could almost imagine you were jealous. | actually | fondly, naively

VERB + IMAGINE be easy to lớn

PHRASES be imagining things Had I really heard a noise, or was I just imagining things? | real or imagined He was always keen lớn avenge insults, real or imagined.

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imagines|imagined|imaginingsyn.: assume conceive dream envision fancy gather guess presume suppose