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reconciliation /"rekənsailmənt/ (reconciliation) /,rekəsili"eiʃn/ danh từ sự hoà giải, sự giảng hoà sự hoà hợp, sự điều hoà (những ý kiến bất đồng...); sự làm cho nhất trí (nguyên tắc với hành động...)
sự tái điều giảibank reconciliation statementthông báo đối chiếu của ngân hàngdeficit reconciliation statementbảng tính mức lỗreconciliation (statement)bản đối chiếu tài khoảnreconciliation accounttài khoản điều chỉnhreconciliation in a labour disputehòa giải tranh chấp chủ thợreconciliation of accountssự đối chiếu tài khoảnreconciliation statementbản giải trình




Từ điển Collocation

reconciliation noun

1 ending a disagreement/conflict

ADJ. full | lasting | national, personal, political

VERB + RECONCILIATION seek He sought reconciliation with those he had stolen from. | attempt | achieve, bring about, effect, make, secure | promote, work for | call for The rebel leader called for reconciliation with the armed forces.

RECONCILIATION + NOUN agreement | talks

PREP. ~ between They aimed to secure a lasting reconciliation between the two countries. | ~ with She attempted reconciliation with her estranged brother.

PHRASES an attempt at reconciliation, efforts at/towards reconciliation, a gesture of reconciliation In a bold gesture of reconciliation, the government released the rebel leader. | a mood/spirit of reconciliation, a policy of reconciliation

Từ điển WordNet


Investopedia Financial Terms

An accounting process used to compare twosets of records to ensure the figures are in agreement and are accurate. Reconciliation is the key process used todetermine whether themoney leaving an account matches the amount spent, ensuringthat the two values are balanced at the end of the recording period.
Investopedia Says:
At the end of every month it isa good idea to reconcile your checkbook by comparing your receipts with your bank statement.Among other advantages, this type of account reconciliation makes it possible to determinewhether money isbeing fraudulently withdrawn from anaccount.
Related Terms:
AccountAccount BalanceAccountingChecking Account

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

reconciliationssyn.: balancing rapprochement

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