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usual thường, thông dụng
thông thườngLĩnh vực: toán & tinthường, thông dụngusual floodlũ thườngusual refrigeration systemhệ (thống) lạnh lẽo thông dụngusual refrigeration systemhệ thống rét thông dụngusual standardtiêu chuẩn sử dụng




Từ điển Collocation

usual adj.

VERBS be | become

ADV. very | quite Don"t worry?it"s quite usual lớn have a few problems at first. | fairly | far from This kind of behaviour is far from usual in children of this age.

PREP. for It"s usual for the man to lớn propose marriage.

PHRASES as per usual (informal) Everyone blamed me as per usual. | as usual (= in the same way as what happens most of the time or in most cases) Steve, as usual, was the last khổng lồ arrive. | business as usual (= things will continue as normal in spite of a difficult situation) It"s business as usual at the factory, even while investigators sift through the bomb wreckage. | in the usual way The metal can then be painted in the usual way.

Từ điển WordNet


occurring or encountered or experienced or observed frequently or in accordance with regular practice or procedure

grew the usual vegetables

the usual summer heat

came at the usual time

the child"s usual bedtime

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English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

syn.: common customary everyday normal ordinary regular typicalant.: special unexpected unusual

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