Ten years of incompetent government had brought about the virtual collapse of the country"s economy.

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done using computer công nghệ over the internet, and not involving people physically going somewhere:
Before a virtual meeting, all participants should demo the technology and make sure they are comfortable with the major features.

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It is important khổng lồ ensure that mergers of these companies do not result in a virtual monopoly in the industry.
used khổng lồ describe something that can be done or seen using computers or the internet instead of going lớn a place, meeting people in person, etc.:
The algorithms and/or parameters used to guide the clustering and assembly process for the virtual transcript resources are similar, but not identical.
The final design is a compromise made between maximising the use of real memory & minimising the disk operations khổng lồ retrieve pages from virtual memory.
Youssef is also involved in the use of visualization và virtual reality techniques in geotechnical engineering applications.
The notion of blossoming is analogous to lớn the process of "fusing" the two flat images of a stereoscopic pair into a virtual three-dimensional volume.
A number of cases are reasonably described metaphorically as the reading of a virtual document, differing in the kind of document envisaged.
Present tense indicates its viewing (hence its virtual occurrence) coincident with the time of speaking.
Rather, they evoke a kind of virtual schedule, a plan or projection concerning the expected occurrence và timing of future events.
The genitive a man"s does not refer khổng lồ a specific instance, nor khổng lồ the entire category of "men", but rather khổng lồ a virtual, arbitrary instance.