Do you go on a field trip to lớn the zoo with your students or take a “virtual” field trip online?

If so, then I think you’ll enjoy this “What Did You See at the Zoo?” packet.

There are a variety of activities included, which are easy khổng lồ diversify for different ages và skill levels.

Be sure & check the PREVIEW for lots of samples.

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The packet includes:

1. * “What animals did WE see?” colorful animal poster lớn use as a whole group activity, with a matching BW “What animals did YOU see?” worksheet.

2. * “Sizing Up the Animals!” worksheet, where students can practice their comparison và contrast measuring skills: “What animal was taller than you?” (shorter, heavier, longer…) “What animal would fit in your backpack?” A colorful option is also included so you can bởi this as a whole group.

3. * Two, “We Saw Animals!” worksheets in both màu sắc to use as a whole group discussion activity, as well as black & white versions, so you also have the option to vì one or both as an independent activity.

4. * Fun Worksheet: “Oh My! An animal is escaping. It’s following you out of the zoo.” Complete the picture, by drawing your favorite animal, or one you’d lượt thích to take home.

This can simply be a “draw và color” activity for little ones, or a writing extension for older students, who will then explain their picture, or tell “how they escaped” or “what happens when they get home.”

5. * “What Did You See at the Zoo?” booklet, where students trace và write the animal word, then answer the question by marking an X in either the “Yes” or “No” box. They also màu sắc the picture of the animal.

6. * I’ve also included a colorful teacher’s edition, (“What Did WE See at the Zoo?” ) which you can bởi vì as a whole group activity with little ones.

Each full-size page, features 4 animal strips, so you can easily cut them apart khổng lồ make a “Snip và Flip” Strip Booklet.

This allows you khổng lồ make your booklet as long as you like; or limiting the number of pages for wee ones. There are 24 animal strip options, on 6, full-size pages.

These activities pair nicely with my

"We"re Going khổng lồ the Zoo!” Field Trip Packet. Click the links to take a peek.

I’m Diane, from Teach With Me, wishing you a fun-filled “ed-venture” khổng lồ the zoo.

For more animal activities click the link.

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